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Photo Model Pay Salary Estimates
$19  Every portrait cartoon
$50 a month on everyone you sign up on month to month

10 portrait jobs a day = 190 a day
sign up 100 people earn $5,000 a month every month on bill payments
everyone you sign up gets their own resellers store and 5,000 Flyers a month with free shipping and handling for 138.99 a month
$1 process job filing on organizing Bill and payments

Average 20 cartoon jobs a week average $1,400 a month extra Commission.

Facebook modeling
50 Business Club across the United States average at least 25 members signed up
$15,000 year Commission

average 100 members signed up average $60,000 year Commission

Fremont entertainment model  come  with
Free business cards and signs when working as a free 
Fremont entertainment model 
with groups of two

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