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Reseller Appreciation Free Donated Electric Work Scooters & Flyers For Gold And Platinum Members
 Any One Sign Up For There Own Music Studio Reselling Page Will Be Donating A Free Electric Moped 
6  Months = $996.00  Gold 12 Months = $1699.00 Platinum
Most Profits Received On Membership Goes To The Next New Coming Gold And Platinum Member On Joining With Donations

Get 25 friends to use your professional studio a month one or two times a month for their personal music projects average 6 to $12,000 a year off your Facebook friends or more. Advertise flyers and posters and get more audience for your web link store. Work with Business Clubs and groups to get more followings.

If you ever decide to go full-time professional you can get a small business license we only use Lili for sending money so you can could document all of your earnings.
We only used Lily for freelance advertise resellers. This way you're able to start working immediately as a personal freelancer with your own web link store

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