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Hip-Hop T-Shirts Coming Soon
we will start taking in t-shirt orders this spring

T-Shirt Pack Deals
Black Graffiti T-Shirts $8.99
Set Of 10 $89.99 = About $8.99 A Shirt
Set Of 20 $139.99 = About $6.99 A Shirt  

Why buy second own when you can buy brand new for the same prices.
Other stores retail for 28.99 to $38.99 for the same shirts.  
Save about 70% off

All T-shirt designs on order will be converted for white T-Shirts
T-Shirt Design colors may change to fit for transformation on shirt
Single shirts go for $8.99 
one flat shipping

All shirts will be available by end of summer and every month will add 100 to 500 new shirts for ordering

Black Graffiti T-Shirts $8.99
One Flat Shipping

Order Number  G1

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