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Become A Online Reseller.. Get Your Own Store Front Are Worker
ID Number And Start Earning Commission Today


Best To Tens
Only cards 1 through 10 is in the card deck All number 10 cards will be 10, Jack, Queen, King, And Aces.. 
If Seats Have The Same Card Will Be Dealt Again And Next Card Most High Win
Clubs And Spades. Spades if same Number...  Joker's Worth One Point
All Card Games We Will Record
You Will Be Placed In Your Seat In The Order That You Sign Up Every 4 ppl..
One Out Of Four Have Opportunity To Win $50 sign-on bonus and month membership rebate sent back to you for that month
Five cards on table every game one card will be a flat card if win no one win that card game
We play card games one time a week and send video game through email
We play five games back-to-back And the last game will be your game so you know it was a live take.
All card games is similar to going to Shoe Carnival and spinning the wheel.


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